Diptych and Triptych

For my Triptych I decided to take multiple pictures that when combined would give the overall meaning of the a certain place. I travelled to Discovery Lake and took many pictures of the wildlife and also at the dock. The pictures I ended up using were pictures that were leading into the dock. All of these pictures build off of each other and together end up telling us a story. I chose Discovery Lake in this triptych because I have many personal memories here and I value this place greatly.

For my diptych I ended up using 2 photos of the exact same location. The two pictures are meant to contrast with each other but also compliment each other as opposites. The light and dark sides of the images show two different perspectives but at the same time show a direct connection between each differences.

Ways of Seeing

On Saturday February 9th 2020 I took a trip back to CSUSM to take pictures on campus and also pictures at my apartment. I was able to capture 16 photos that describe the different compositions that can be used while taking pictures. While on campus I had a much easier time taking pictures this time because it was on the weekend and people weren’t likely to step into my shots. During this assignment not only did I learn different compositions for photos but I also learned how important it is to adjust your aperture, iso and also the shutter speed on your camera.

About me

My name is Donald West and I am in my second year here at Cal State San Marcos. I am originally from Spring Valley which is in the East County area of San Diego. I do not have a set medium quite yet. As of now I am an Arts and Tech major. My goals for this class is to gain a better understanding about Photography and how to use a camera. I think it is necessary to have knowledge with a camera for my major.

Proof of Photography Video Reflection

When first listening to this video you are only limited to one of your senses which is sound. You can only hear things and it is up to you to visualize whatever is being portrayed. By listening to the speakers you can pick up on different emotions they are feeling based on their tone of voice. One speaker stood out to me when he said “How do I make the pain in these pictures stop.” Even though I could not see this person’s face I could tell that he was impacted by it emotionally. I can tell he was an older man and I can just assume that maybe this person is witnessing something that reminds him of war or tragedy. When first being able to watch the video you can start drawing connections between all the different speakers and their works. Many of the speakers went to different areas around the world and were able to capture images in Africa, remote locations and even the deep sea. The video gives you something to visualize and then you are able to draw connections between the photographer and their work, you are then able to see what their message is and how they interpret it personally.

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